Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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I waited a little while to sign up because I didn't think Ravelry was going to be THIS big, but now.. I'm Antsy in the pantsy, so basically... the "antsy check" told me " you are waiting for 67 million people ahead of you, and then it's your turn..." OK I got it.

Other Stuff:

1. Mr. Juju (the washcloth model) decided that he would go for a RUN in the woods last night, against H.W.H.B's better wishes. One minute he was behaving and having his before dinner run in our backyard, and the next he was off into the woods in pursuit of something (we still don't know what.) He was gone from 8pm until 12:30pm. H.W.H.B went through the woods for over an hour and then I drove around looking for him until 10. I don't know what he did... but I know he rolled in Skunk somewhere along the way and turned up on our deck at 12:30. I am just thankful that he made it back in one piece, without injury. We were really worried about the little guy. I don't think you realize how much you care for your pet until something like that happens. He won't be allowed off-leash until we figure out how to get his boundaries established again. We live in an apartment on 9 acres and he has handled it fine, until yesterday. When we get home from work we will let him run and play Frisbee/fetch for a while to give him some exercise. Once it is dark he is always on a leash. Apparently we need to re-train something, somewhere. Or maybe he's just still a dog? I don't know. For some reason I think he was on a "scent" trail. Usually he will stop at the edge of the woods, but he didn't this time. At a time like this we just have to appreciate that he did find his way back home! H.W.H.B kept telling me he was going to come home because he hadn't had dinner, and maybe he was right! (You know what they say about a man's heart...)
On a side note, we googled an "at home" recipe for de-skunking and gave it a shot. It involved (1 part) hydrogen peroxide, (1/2 vol. hydrogen peroxide) water, (1/4 c.) baking soda, (splash) doggie shampoo/dishsoap and leave it on for as long as your dog can stay in the tub. Leaving it on isn't the problem, it's the getting him into the tub that is the hardest part! Once he's in, he knows the drill by now. I know it worked for a "deep" clean, but he's still a bit skunky. He's BRIGHT white, but slightly skunky! I think mostly his face stinks. We may re-bathe the "runaway" again tonight, we'll see how things go today. Maybe we'll pick up some tomato juice next time. This "at home" recipe worked for using ingredients that we had on hand at 1am. I'm just happy he's back!

2. Yarn Harlot updated her book tour page, and she is coming to Burlington MA on Thursday, August 2nd!!! I missed her NoHo appearance in May, but I refuse to miss this one! (I was way more excited to go after I realized it's not Burlington VT and that there is IN fact a Burlington MA.) Moriah, (see my start of knitting story here) and I will be there! Anyone else going?

OTN: Wisp (Photo updates to follow soon)


Megan said...

I've already reserved my spot!!

Nichole said...

I just might have to look into the Burlington one! I didn't make Webs this past May because we were in Charlotte... I went last year though.