Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Cloth...

What happens when you have more Peaches 'n Cream? One more face cloth/dish cloth! After hand washing and blocking Nubbins and the Knitty basketweave cloths, I thought that I may gift the cloths as either face cloths or dish cloths. This is my first time using Peaches 'N Cream and I am not sure if it will become as soft as I would like a face cloth to become, but I'm sure it depends on the recipients preference. I like them a bit softer. I assume with more washes it will continue to soften, I will have to make more for myself to find that out (ha ha, scheming to make more). These are part of a set to gift. I will re-wash and block the other cloths with this one, and that way I can see how the second washing does with nubbins and the basketweave cloth. Yay for cranking out a dish cloth, Good warm-up for dish rag tag! :)
(Pic's coming ASAP, hopefully tonight!)

Shades of Green Face Cloth
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Peaches 'N Cream #168 Shades of Green
Weapons: Size 8 Clover Bamboo's
Dimensions: 7" X 14" (more like a small towel)
Start: 7/1
Finish: 7/3 (Almost complete on 7/1 and put it down for a while)

I CO 65 stitches and varied over 6 row sections from a seed stitch to a checkerboard pattern, to more seed stitch and then blocks and back to seed stitch, and more checkerboard and seed stitch until I was near the end of my yarn. I wanted to make a wider cloth, and it ended up being more rectangular than square because I liked the size it was and I wanted to only use one skein. The shades of Green turned out to be prettier than I thought. Maybe I will use up my extras from the 3 face cloths in another cloth.

OTN: Wisp
I have never done a YO before, so I am learning with this pattern. I am 6 or so rows in, but I may re-start now that I have started to get used to the Mohair and YO's.

(To my KVV Spoiler) Fiberwho, Did you get my card? I sent it from a different e-mail because it was connected to my Hallmark account. :)


Megan said...

Let us know what happens with the Peaches & Cream dishcloth. I still have to make one for the Dog Days of Summer Swap, and having never made dishcloths before, I'm looking for something yummy to make it with.

NH Knitting Mama said...

It's funny you mention doing the dishcloths, and it being a nice warm up to dish rag tag... I think that is part of why I am doing them, too. I am so afraid to hold up the line when the package arrives for this!

Anonymous said...

I did get your card-what a hoot! Thank you, it made my day. I'm also curious; what have you used for your other dishcloths (sorry, I haven't had time to read through all your posts)? I'm also a dishcloth "virgin", am starting a number of dishcloth activities and have been using Plymouth's Fantasy Natural, GGH Big Easy and Schaefer's Laurel but wasn't sure what the preferred "medium" is.

ponyknit said...

Hi Fiberwho!
Figured I'd answer you here... I use Peaches 'N Cream http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/store-pc.htm which is found everywhere from their online store to Walmart and Joanne's. I have found most people using this, but it is more economical and not as soft as what you are using (for sure!) I have seen the Peaches 'N Cream to soften up a fair amount after a wash or two, but if you are intending on something plush, your choices may be better. I really like Peaches 'N Cream for the variety of colors also. I may dabble with something else eventually. For dishcloths this cotton feels really durable and strong. This Dish Rag Tag swap discussion also mentioned this as a good option for price and durability and I assume the people that make dish cloths often have tried and compared what is out there.