Sunday, July 15, 2007

Face Cloth Photos

0707 Jujuwashcloths 1
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L to R: Nubbins, Shades of Green Face Cloth, Back To School Face Cloth Basketweave.
(I'm pretty sure the blur in this photo is from when he licked the camera!...)

Here's my first attempt to post using Flickr... (technically there was a test when I set it up, but lets not count that, it was not a "real" post) I can not figure out how to get the wraparound text, I did that last time in Flickr, but I wanted three photos in this one post, so I could not figure it out. Next time!

For FO details and patterns, see this and this previous post.

Another first for a post: Introducing Juju, the rescued 2 year old Akita mutt, as my FO model.

H.W.H.B. and I wanted a dog, and I found him on a few months ago. Juju was at Ahimsa Haven in Winchendon MA. He had been called several things in the shelter, his first full name was Joubert, but we figured the nickname Juju suited him well, and he understood it. He was turned in as a 6 mo. old and lived in the shelter for a year and a half. They had trouble placing him because of his size (75+ lbs.) and his "tough" looks. What other people didn't see, was that he sort of missed out on his "puppy" stage, and that he's just a big baby and quite the cuddle-bug! We were looking for a large sized dog, and the shelter was looking for people like us without other dogs or small children. We just fell in love with him and took him home the same day we just went to "just look"! He needed a touch up with his manners, but he aims to please. He could definitely have another dog in the family or some kids around, but the shelter never got to see his normal self. He was totally different when he got individual attention and a set schedule. He is definitely an Akita. He has a lot of family connection with us and is quite the guard dog. He also leads H.W.H.B around by his wrist when he needs something (food/to go out). Also, he likes to "talk" when he is really happy with himself or feeling cuddly. I'm sure this won't be his only post, I just will have to figure out how to get him to wear FO's when the time comes. He does not like anything put on him, so maybe we'll have to find some more poses that he will "approve."

OK, now I must go and hug my mutt after I leave a few more photos!

0707 washcloths sun
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Top to Btm: Back to School Basketweave, Nubbins, Shades of Green Face Cloth

0707 Jujuwashcloths 2
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L to R: Nubbins, Shades of Green Face Cloth, and Back to School Face Cloth in Basketweave.
Juju stopped to ponder his modeling job. It was a tough one in the heat, but somebody's gotta do it !!!


Nichole said...

Help - what is a HWHB (sorry)?
Juju is ADORABLE! :) I'm so thrilled to hear you adopted too! If/when you're ready for doggy # 2, let me know and maybe we can hook you up with one from the rescue I've been fostering for (will have photos of our latest foster Bella on the blog later today)!
Great dishcloths too!

ponyknit said...

Blogger malfunctioning with original post from:

Hi--finally getting around to responding to your question about horseback riding (cool that you were happy with your results in the show!). I rode when I was younger and just did the typical 'simple' equestrian shows (I rode English)...not dressage but no idea what those shows were called. Walk/trot/canter/change leads/jump kind of thing. I had a great gelding that I showed...part quarter horse/part morgan. He had an amazing temperament and was a really nice jump. Though I did enjoy the shows, I liked more just heading out with a friend bareback and just 'running'. :)

I did get on a friend's horse a few years back...first time in a western saddle and I kept trying to put my heels down, toes 'in' like I was taught (I was doing this completely from habit...). My knees started really hurting and finally I realized I was doing that and relaxed my legs to the lazy leg approach of western riders! When I told a good friend who was getting back into riding and doing training about that, she said the rules are becoming more lax than when we learned and the leg/toe placement isn't as strict!

Final comment...I saw you mentioned Chincoteague. I grew up in WV and we would go there almost every year for vacation in the summer. It was one of my favorite places as a kid to go. Pretty 'commercialized' the last time I went but seeing your comment brings back great memories!

cute dog on face cloths pictures!

Moriah said...

JUJU!!! Glad to see the dish/facecloths came out so well. We need to get together again soon!!!

Megan said...

You're dog is adorable! I have two myself (a mini Austrailian shephard and a yellow lab/golden retriever mix). They're very happy to have Bear around to model knitted things now.

Nichole said...

Btw, I just added you to my list of fave blogs on the sidebar of my blog! :)

Nichole said...

oops, tried to respond by email but your comment came without email attached.
Sorry you didn't know about the TKGA show - would've been a great place to meet up! Darn. Will try to keep you in the loop - where in MA are you (email me?)? Next "event" up for me is a double knitting class up at Halcyon in Maine at the end of the month...


Hi! Thanks for stopping by! JuJu makes a beautiful dishcloth model! Hope he's no longer stinky, though!
I was thinking of signing up for Ravelry, but is it worth it? Is it that exclusive or what??