Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Skull Illusion Scarf Pattern Notes

I realize that I started the blog in March, started posting in June.... So there's a bit of catching up to do.

Pattern by: Ysolda
Materials: Grey and Black Wool-Ease (worsted weight)
Weapons: Size 8 Bamboo Straights
Started: Nov. 24th 2006
Completed: Jan. 1st 2007
Time: approx. a month of random time (mostly weekends)

Skills: First time doing Illusion knitting.
A more involved pattern than I have followed before.
Recipient: A happy and warm H.W.H.B

I wanted the skulls/crossbones to be facing the same way when hung around your neck so I followed suggestion to do three repeats and then turn chart upside down and do three more. Important for beginners to note: must make knit row of new color before doing Illusion pattern row. If you do not, you will mess up the patterning. So instead of thinking that you are doing the whole chart backwards, you are only doing the illusion pattern rows in reverse. In hindsight, doing six repeats took way longer because I continued to follow the pattern. If time is an issue, it would be better to make some stripes or etc. which would be faster than referring back and forth to the pattern. I never could memorize this pattern because it was constantly changing, but it also kept my attention for the same reason. It was a fun knit! I look forward to doing more Illusion knitting in the future! I also have my eye on Ysolda's Apocalypse Tree Hoodie. Luckily we had some cold weather after finishing the project, so H.W.H.B. had plenty of time to wear it!

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