Thursday, June 28, 2007

Heat Wave?

Ok, so apparently if I complain about the weather, it changes dramatically... I should really look into what I can do with these powers! We have had TWO scorching days out here in MA, and another one is expected today. We may hit "Heat Wave" requirements (3 days over 90 degrees F (or 32.2C)) The past two days were over 90, but we may just fall below that today. HELLO SUMMER!
Of course with weather inducing capabilities, I must have some pitfall, a cold. Who gets a "cold" in late June? That would be me... ah well. I'm finally functioning again today.
My horse show went well! We got second in our first test (Training 1) and WON our second test (Training 2). We were against 8 other riders and I honestly didn't expect to see two 61%'s. It is a good score, especially for our first show. I just wanted a good experience for my mare and a "smooth" test. Our barn has a show series with three Dressage shows in the season with each show accumulating points for year end awards, so we also got to accumulate some points for year end awards!
My students also did well. One student won her first class (of 5 adults) and got third in her second (of 8). The other student got a third and fourth (not sure how many competitiors, maybe 5 junior riders in both?). It was the first dressage show for both students, and they rode Introductory level tests A and B. I was very proud! Dee earned plenty of extra peppermints! She seemed very pleased with herself, but did not really understand why she had to have braids in her mane, they felt funny. She'll understand that they are part of her "beautification" for shows soon.

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