Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy (2nd day of ) Summer!

Now why is it a high of 70 degrees today? Maybe no one told the sun which day was on the calendar?

I need to start planning and acquiring more knitting. I have started to get in the "what's next" panic for a little while now. After I finished Nubbins I haven't decided whether to make some other item for H.W.H.B.'s sister, or to just gift the two washcloths with some non-knitted item such as soap or something. In the meantime I'm knitting the second Fiber Trends Felted Clog and I'm suffering what sock people would title SC (single clog) disease. I want to start something new... luckily or unluckily, however it may be, I haven't decided what is next and whether I have it already in my stash. In the meantime I am poking at my clog. Also, I would really like to start planning Christmas presents, as last year I was WAY too busy to knit and I would really like decide on a few projects early, so that they are actually completed.
On non-knitting news, I have a horse show this Sunday. It is not only the first of the season, but the first show I have shown in for quite a while, and the first show my horse have ever been in. I showed up until I bought the horse that I have now. I have owned my mare for three years and didn't have the money (grad student) or ride (hiring someone to trailer is $$$) until now! SO, we will be showing at our home barn in our first show together! I'll also be coaching some of my students during the day, so it will prove to be quite busy! After this weekend I will have more time to plan, as well as more shows off the farm!!!


hapagirl said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. The stitch marker swap is winding down for the summer session; they will be accepting sign-ups will start on July 1 and run through August.
Good luck on the second clog, I hope I don't run into the same issue with the socks I'm knitting (though I probably will!) :-)

Megan said...

Hey! I just found your comment - sorry about all that time. If you want to send me an email (there's a link on my profile at my blog) I will send you the HTML code you need for the progress bars and how to modify it. I found a website and tinkered with it for a few hours one night but I can explain it in much less time!

Rachel said...

Hi A--thanks for commenting on my blog...I too have suffered with the fiber trends clogs. I actually purchased yarn for 3!!! pairs of them and haven't quite made it through the very first one! You are a step above me. And I can see how the second will be even harder to pick up and start...I love the pattern, just not the attention required.

How did your show go? While I love working with elk, I miss my life with's been years since I've been on one.